Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wild Weather and iPhone Tracking

Wild Weather
Well it has been wild weather here the past two days. It started Monday afternoon when severe storms fired up in SW Arkansas and began to hit Conway around 5:00pm. I was just getting home when the first sirens when off in Conway. Between 5 - 8, we had the sirens sound 4 times. There was never a tornado touchdown, but the storms were rotating. Two of the storms passed directly over my house. You would see the weatherman on TV identifying streets and I was within a mile of those streets.

On Tuesday, they were predicting more severe weather. Even the Angel of Doom (Jim Cantore) was making an appearance in Arkansas. Jim Cantore is from the Weather Channel and ususally heads to places that have the most extreme storms. Tuesday was not as bad. The sirens went off only once.

During this time, I was glued to the TV watching the weather. You have four choices to watch like Channel 4, 7, 11, or 16. I would flip back and forth between them. I would have to say the best coverage is probably channel 4, then 16, 11, and finally channel 7. I actually thought 7 was by far the worst. They also don't have HD. All of the others had a clearer crisper picture and if you are going to be watching the boring weather it better be in HD.

iPhone Tracking
Recently on the news, there were reports that Apple was tracking your iPhone. Basically, whenever, you backup your phone the backup file is stored on your computer. Inside this file is information that details areas where your iPhone has been. Now these are not exact locations, but they do show a general area on where you've been. Apple says they are not using the data, but still the data is there. The website iPhone Tracker has a program that will displays this data on a map. Below you will see the places that I've been since Nov of 2010. You must have the iOS4 to have this data. Also, this program on only works on Macs right now.

The picture above is from Oct/Nov 2010 - thru today. You can see the places I've been to or traveled thru. It shows my trip from Conway to Jacksonville, FL clearly. However, it does do not show real clearly is when I went from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh or St. Louis to Conway. It does show some points on the St. Louis trip, but not all. If I had a zoomed in picture of Atlanta, you would see that all the points are from the airport.

Here is a closer point on the NE.

Above is the NYC area. The Long Island dots show when I was surveying in the area, but does not have a detailed route.

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