Thursday, September 8, 2011

Degray Olympic Triathlon and Trail Run

This post is an update on the last four races that I completed. Since my race in Buffalo Springs, I have completed 4 races. I did the Olympic distance race in Arkadelphia and 3.4 mile trail run on August 20th,

Arkadelphia Races

Olympic Distance Triathlon 1500m swim, 39k Bike, 10k run

I arrived pretty early in the morning to setup my gear. I knew this would be a small race, so I was able to get a pretty good spot at the front and also being a small race allowed for enough room for people to spread out. I went out and got a short warm up swim before the start.

The swim is always my weak point so the goal was to swim as smoothly and quickly as possible. The swim was a two loop in water swim. Both loops went by fairly smoothly. The only I noticed was that I was droping my legs and not keeping good body position. T1 was smooth with no issues

Time - 35:48 swim
T1 - 1:36

The bike course is an OAB on roads that run along the rim of Lake Degray. The course is overall uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back. Each OAB section does include some rollers that allow you to pick up speed and get up the next hill! The roads are smooth and recently paved which makes for some fast and smooth riding. I was feeling pretty good on the bike even though my HR was a little higher than I would like, but the goal was to push the bike. I've been working on the bike all year and wanted to get a good time. I came into T2 feeling pretty good about my time. Transitions are a little slow but not to slow.

Time - 1:13:14 19.8mph
T2- 1:27

The run was the hardest part of this race. Once you leave transition it is straight uphill the first mile followed by downhill to the second, uphill to the 3rd/4th, and downhill pretty much to finish. It was a tough run especially on a day when the temperatures were approaching 95F. I think with hitting the bike hard and the heat. I was not able to get the pace I wanted. I was looking for a 8:00 min/mile, but ended up with a 8:29 min/mile. I was passing a lot of people on the run though, so I was happy about that.

Time - 52:34 8:29 min/mile
Overall - 2:44:41 6/8 AG

Degray Trail Run

DLT events started a trail running series in Arkansas this year. This run was supposed to be in March, but keep getting pushed back due to mother nature issues. Well, the series finally is here on the same day that I did the olympic distance race. I was second in my AG, so I figured that this would be a good run to finish the day with. I wasn't sure how my legs would respond.

The course was a forest service roads with some single track. The course was not technical for a trail run, but it was up and down for the 3.4 mile run. The first mile was uphill, followed by a rolling 2nd mile and downhill back to the finish. I finished the run in 26:33. I was out sprinted in the last 100 yards. I would have finished third in my AG if I could have pushed a little more! I was surprised that my legs were able to respond so soon after a race earlier in the day.

Time - 26:33 - 6/15 OA - 4/4 AG.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Returning to Post

I've neglected this for about 2 months now. I have some updates on one race and will have a race report from the Toad Suck 33 and sprint that I will be doing this weekend. Other than that, I've been busy with work/life.