Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Bye Cups & Hello HydraPour

While I was looking through the slowtwitch forums the other day, I came across a post that read no more cups for the Full Vineman. When I was reading through the post, instead of using cups for the run, they will be using a curious new invention called the HydraPouch along with the HyrdaPour. The HyrdaPour is a device that connects to your standard water cooler, but dispense 6oz of water in 1 sec. You can use this along with the HydraPouch or any device that carries water/electrolyte drink. So, this now means that at this event you will have to get your own water. The green revolution has struck again in this case. This device is meant to get rid of cups. I can see how it would save on clean up and waste. The race will need less volunteers to be filling and dispensing hydration. Of course, the question is how many of these devices will you need per aid station to prevent lines from forming? Generally at most aid stations, I get a cup of water, gatorade, and maybe another cup of water to dump on my head. I'm in and out of an aid station very quickly. I seem to think this device would slow me down. While training, I will carry fluids with me even though I don't like to you. I love the fact that at races I do not have to worry about carrying my own fluids because I know what to expect at aid stations. I hope this product does not gain traction.

Update 7/22:
There will now be cups on the course. However, they will quit using them after 7:00pm to allow for clean up. After 7:00, everyone still on the course will be given a hydrapouch to use if they do not already have some form of water carrying device.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome Back to Training for the TS66.

Well Monday was the first day back for training for my next long event the Toad Suck 66 in September here in Conway, AR. You ask what is a 66, well it is 1 mile swim, 52.6 mile bike and a 12.4 run. Why they made it a 66 instead of a 70.3 I don't know, but it could be that they are doing a 33 mile race at the same time, so do one loop of the run and the bike. The great thing is that the event is in my home town so that will be nice.

Monday was meant to be a bike and then a kickball game, but the rain changed my plans. A masters swim program has just started here in Conway, so I knew it was time to get some help with my swimming. I know that I don't have the best technique, but it got me through the race. I usually finish at the bottom of my age group, so it's time to get out from there. I was able to get some good advice and I know that I have a lot to work on. Of course, no swim would be complete without someone videotaping your swim. I would like to say that I looked like a trainwreck in motion. When I get that video back, I will post here so that the world can comment. I'm hoping that in a few months when we video tape again, it will look like a much smoother stroke.

Links - Toad Suck 66, Masters Swimming in Conway

Friday, July 2, 2010

Panama City Here I come & Another DC Rainmaker Giveaway

Watch out PCB here comes RJ. I'm ready to take my week long vacation in PCB. This week has been a pretty easy week after BSLT 70.3. I haven't done much of anything. I have had a slight ache on my shin bone, so I figured it is going to be a good time to rest. I'll be relaxing on the beach next week. No biking and running. It seems kinda of strange because I've been constantly going since the beginning of the year when I started the training for NO 70.3. The break will give my body a much needed rest along with my mind.

DC Rainmaker is at it again giving away a Forerunner 110 this time. Forerunner 110 Giveaway Link. So visit check out his blog for the details of the giveaway.