About Me

Hello my name is RJ and I'm from the great city of Conway, AR.  Conway is located around 27 miles north of Little Rock off of interstate 40.  It is here where I base myself for work, play, and other adventures that life presents itself.

My journey into fitness, triathlon, and martial arts began in 2006 when I was at the doctor and he mentioned that my blood pressure was a little high.  I decided that it was time to get back in shape.   I was involved with martial arts up until I graduated from high school.  It was also when I left high school and went to college that my fitness feel off and became non-existent.  I knew someone in Conway that invited me to a martial arts class and off I began again in 2006.  Four years later I am second degree black and teach a class once a week in the organization.
I started running in late 2006/2007 after I saw my dad complete the NYC marathon.  After seeing him complete that, I decided that was something I would like to try.  I was lucky enough to get an entry in the 2007 NYC marathon and thus began running more and more.  I complete my first marathon in 2007 and again completed the NYC marathon in 2008.  In 2009, I began the move into triathlons.  I had started riding in early 2008 as a way to cross train and really enjoyed riding.  I wanted to try a triathlon and completed the Four States Triathlon in May 2009.  After that, I was hooked.  I didn't swim well in my first triathlon but it was still a great experience.  I'm still not the best swimmer, but there is something about the challenge that keeps bringing me back.

Besides taekwondo and triathlons, I enjoy to travel, eat new foods, and just experience the world around me.  I've been known to make random 4 day trips to European cities or just go on some local road trips to visit friends.  When I'm on the road for work, I'm looking for the local restaurants to go visit.  This is the short story about me and hope you enjoyed.