Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Testing for my 3rd Dan Black Belt

This weekend I will be testing for my 3rd degree (dan) black belt. I have been a 2nd dan since August of 2009. As you advance, the timing between testing becomes longer and the testings require more work and knowledge. It also requires plenty of patience. Each of the black belt certificates that we get have our numbered, my black belt was numbered around 1400. My first dan was numbered around 600, and finally my 2nd dan was in the 300 range.

The testing will require me to do (4) forms, 4-5 drills that simulate fighting and defending, 4 or 5 drills of intercept kicks, 5 or more kicking drills, 1-30 self defense, and finally 2 sparring matches between 1-2 minutes each.

During this time between testing, the best way to help it go by faster is teaching. Teaching a class allows you to give back the knowledge that you have been learning and learned to the students in the organization. While you are patiently waiting to test, you are helping others progress in the organization. We always encourage others to begin help teaching as soon as possible. The thirst for knowledge and the giving back is one of the best ways to prevent boredom.

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