Monday, April 4, 2011

The Weekend

Well last weekend was a busy weekend and it started off Saturday morning.

Capital City Classic/Taekwondo
This is a 10k run at two rivers park in Little Rock. This is my third year in a row to run in this race. The race falls at a great time of year with generally being cool in the morning. The course is flat and fast. I woke in the morning and felt good. I started off the race fast and comfortable finishing my first mile in 7:09. I was holding 7:10 until about mile 4 and then I started to cramp. This was the first time that I have cramped for a race and it was going so well! I pushed thru the last two miles in 7:30 to 7:45 times and finished with a 45:52. This race also has good post race food and beverages. They have pizza, the usually fruit and bagels, and beer. Not many races in Arkansas that you find free beer after the race.

Not only did I cramp, my 310XT decided to lose satellite reception also. I went back home to see if I could fix it and nothing worked. I checked the Garmin forums to see what actions I could take and none of those worked. So today, I'll call and see what they can do for me. I hear their customer service is great, so I'm hoping everything goes well.

After the race, I had to quickly head back to Conway to go to a marital arts class. I'm testing for my 3rd degree black belt on April 16th, so I knew I had to participate in this class to get some more training in. The class went well and I was able to work on my self defense which is where I'm needing the most work.

Sunday Long Workout
Sunday I had a planned swim/bike/run with a friend. We were going to work on our transitions and just get a general feel for all three events in one day. It is less than one month away from my first triathlon of the year, so this would be a good chance to work on some things. The swim was at Hendrix and I swam a 500 warm-up followed by a 25 minute swim (1750yds). We then got on the bike and headed out for a 36 mile ride. The first 18 miles were a warm up and then back into Conway was a TT effort. Again, about 9 miles into the TT effort I started to cramp. Ugg, I need to really focus on the nutrition because I have never cramped. I get myself back to Conway and decided to try the run and that turned into a 15 minute run/walk and I was glad to be done. Overall, I was glad for the training experience and I need to figure why I've cramped twice this past weekend. I'm glad I still have a month to figure things out.

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