Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventures in Cycling - Chasing Dogs

Riding out on the open roads away from the city is a great thing about living in Conway. It usually pretty peaceful and quiet. Two things that you have to worry about are cars(as usual) and dogs. Yesterday I had some dogs challenge me.

I was cycling down Old Military Rd and cresting the last hill before the downhill towards Lollie Rd when a large dog came from the right. I was unprepared for this and had him next to me before I started the downhill. It actually took me a little longer to get away from him than I would have thought. This dog had some speed. I was able to get away and head downhill towards Lollie Rd.

I was doing an out and back, so I knew that he may be there again on the climb back over the hill. This time I prepared myself. Flicking water at dogs will keep them back off of you, so I went ahead and got my bottle ready to prepare myself. Well, just as reach half up the hill, the dog decided to call his friends and now there were 8. At that point, I start flicking water while trying to go as fast uphill as possible. I planned my attack/defense perfectly and was able to get clear of the pack of dogs in no time. I wish I had a camera attached to my back because it was pretty funny looking back seeing the pack of dogs trying to chase me down.

So if you are riding down Old Military, be careful because these dogs may be out looking for you. This was actually the first time I had run into dogs down this road, so maybe it was a one time adventure.

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