Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The War on Happy Meals

San Fransisco was the first and now New York City is now trying to the rid the world of Happy Meals (or giving away of toys with meals over 500 cal, high fat, and high salt content). Article here.

Maybe they are right Happy Meals are evil. As you approach McDonald's with your kids in the car you are suddenly transported inside the store where you've purchased the happy meals for your kids and a big mac, large fry, large coke for yourself. You didn't make the decision yourself. You were abducted by the Happy Meal! This doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough that you and your kids are starting to get fat because of these abductions. Your only solution now is to rid the world of the Happy Meal by going to your local congressman to eliminate the Happy Meal. Your plan works and now the Happy Meal has been eliminated, but have your food choices improved? Unknown to everyone the actually solution to all of this was to use a special word that would have prevented all this from happening NO!!!

I was listening to Dave Ramsey one day and his opening segment was about a women suing McDonald's because here kids got fat from eating to much of it. His response was tell them NO! NO is complete sentence. I don't have any kids, but I do know how to use the world NO! I'm sure they'll cry and complain, but hey sometimes the world isn't fair.

People know how to make responsible choices and they know what's good and bad for them. You just need to own up and say NO most of the time to food that is probably not that good for you or your kids. They can do without one more toy from the happy meal.

Now to fight my next battle the war against broccoli. I will defeat you.

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