Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some Endurance Challenges

Everyone has various goals, challenges, places they want to visit, and activities they want to do in life. I decided in this post that I would talk about a few distance challenges that I may one day would like conquer. Most of them are standard challenges out there that many people have completed and a couple are longer challenges that would take a lot more time. I will update this post from time to time to add some challenges and maybe even update completed ones. So with this introduction here are the challenges.

The century bike ride is one of the distance events I would like to complete. I'm thinking the only reason that I haven't completed is I just haven't done it. I've completed 75 miles a few times, but have never ridden a 100. Here's to riding 100 in 2011. Not on this list though will be the double century in a day, I have something else for a longer ride.

140.6 the Ironman distance race, swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles. All in under 17 hours. The challenge of combining 3 long distance into one long day of racing. One day is the culmination of months of training. If you do training for this race, you should be able to conquer the distance. The hardest part of this race is the training to get you there. You need to be sure that you have the time and the motivation to train for this race. I'm thinking this will be a 2012 accomplishment.

The ride across Arkansas is a unique challenge that I would like to do. There is a River to River Memorial Ride that takes place in Arkansas but it is over the period of 5 days. The ride I would plan would be close to 290 miles and would be completed over a period of 2 days and most likely unsupported. I would ride from Ft. Smith to Conway on the first day. This ride would be around 140 miles. I live in Conway, so it would make a great rest stop. The second day ride would be from Conway to West Memphis. The distance would be around 150 miles on the second day. I figure I could leave on Thursday morning and be partying on Beale's Street Friday night! Here's to the challenge!

Now to a couple of sounds fun, but will be challenging also.

Hood to Coast Relay or any other long distance relay that gets together you and 8-11 more friends. 197 miles of running split between everyone, share two vans, get little to no sleep, no shower, and just run and have a great time. Sounds like an adventure and challenge to me.

How can you go wrong with RAGBRAI. You and 8,000 other riders riding across the state of Iowa. Get a group together and pedal away. It sounds like a great time.

I have others but I just though I would start off with a few.

So what are some challenges that you are looking at?

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