Monday, January 31, 2011

Cyclist Across the Big Dam Bridge

I always enjoy looking in the paper and reading some of the Letters to Editor. You never know what you will find when reading through these. Most of them are someones opinion/gripe about politics and/or government. Today (1-31-11), I found this one from William G. Carlyle of North Little Rock.

The bridge in LR is for everyone to use. Everyone needs to be considerate when using the bridge and cyclist should slow down when passing people on the bridge. However, the writer needs to use more reason and show more respect when writing. Naming calling does nothing. The writer proposes that cyclist be moved somewhere, of course, he does not provide a answer to his problem. As for us cyclist, we should be considerate of people that are using the bridge just slowing down for a little while will not ruin your workout.


  1. I have been an avid cyclist for 15 years. I know that there are some cyclists that don't abide by the rules of common courtesy when riding in close proximity to pedestrians or fellow cyclists. William J. Carlyle seems to have a bad experience while navigating the Big Dam Bridge and/or our beloved River Trail. I'm not sure what he hopes to accomplish by name calling; other than to bring our attention to his complete ignorance to the sport. If you would like to ask him personally you can email him at:

    He apparently is a local photographer with some sort of disdain for the sport that thousands of Arkansas enjoy and have worked hard to promote in the state. CYCLISTS! Let's not give idiots like this a reason to malign cycling.

  2. We all need to be respectful of each other. Of course, cyclists could complain about cars who pass the cyclist going 50 mph and get as close as possible when all the car has to do is slow down for a just a second.