Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 8: Strong Riding/Lots of Running/Open Water Swim

This post is taking place from Asheville, NC.  Last week, I decided to come out here for the second the time to do some training and also get away on a little vacation.

Week 8 was overall a pretty good week.  I felt that I was really strong riding wise.  I only did 4 rides, but my longest ride was for the Tour de Toad.  On Saturday, I went for a 40 mile ride before the 46 mile Tour de Toad.  The 40 mile ride was an easy OAB to Morrilton.  I held back on the ride on felt that the 40 miles came and went pretty easily.  I knew the big ride would be on the Tour de Toad.  The plan for this ride was to see how long I could hang with the main group with out killing myself.  I was able to make it with them for about 10 miles and then the group split.  When the group spilt, I choose not to try and chase down the leading group knowing that wouldn't work out for the best.  For the next 10 miles, I was working with a group of about 3 riders feeling pretty good and pulling at a good pace.  Then we were caught by a group of 5 which was nice to hang onto.  This group of around 8 held together pretty well until the only real hill on the course.  This sepreated everyone out.  I was with three others again until I made the decision to go back to 2 people that I knew.  This worked out pretty well.  We pulled the last 15 miles at over 20 miles an hour. By the time I had finished, I was actually feeling pretty good for a 90 mile ride.  I can really tell my training is picking up and fitness improving.

This week with the runs was a so/so week.  I was able to get in 16 miles which is the most since March.  I felt my second long run of the week on Sunday after 90 miles on Sunday.  My best run of the week was on Friday when I tried to run a mile has hard as possible.

Swimming was swimming this week.  I was able to get my first open water swim of the year.  I did 45 minutes with a wetsuit and felt great.

Well tomorrow it's off to a good week of riding in Asheville!

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