Friday, May 30, 2014

Rafting the Arkansas

What a great day rafting the Arkansas River.  I went with Independent Whitewater out of Salida.  I was hoping to raft the Royal Gorge but because of high water flow the Gorge was shut down.  Instead we did the classic Arkansas River raft from north of Buena Vista to close to Salida.  It was a full day of 24 miles.  Most of the Rapids we went through were 3's.  We ran through some good waves and even had some good drops.  The water was chilly 45 degrees and the weather was a mix of sun and a little rain.  I'll hopefully get the chance to post some video later.   I forgot one key attachment for my go pro so I improvised with some zip ties.

On the training front, I got a short 3 mile run in the morning.  It was a tough run.  My HR was high for a 9 min pace run. 

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