Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 3 Recap Ride the Rockies/IM Wisconsin training

It was another good week of training.  The weather this was warmer than the previous week and I felt good training all week.

I started off the week a little slow to recover from the previous with only two 15 miles rides.  Both of these rides were commutes to masters swimming.  On Wednesday & Thursday, I hit the hills a little more.  The Wednesday ride was an out and back twice on Old Military Rd.  The route has a few rolling hills.  I hit about the same times on each 5 mile interval.  On Thursday, the wind and the clouds returned.  The wind was coming out of the south, so I decided to go down Sturgis Rd to climb Scenic Hill.  This hill is a tough hill, there are few parts that over 20% gradient.  This would also be the first time I've climbed it with my tri bike with a 53x39 crank and 11x25 on the back.  I usually climb with my road bike which has a compact and 12x28.  I was able to make the climb.  Although, I was out of the saddle the whole time.  I finished up the week with a ride down in Little Rock on Saturday from 2 Rivers Park to Kanis/Ferndale.  I knew the route would be around 36 miles.  The other reason I chose this route was I wanted close my heat map on Strava.  I have now connected some more roads! On Sunday, I went out with a group here in Conway.  We did the Tour de Loop and it was a pretty fast pace ride.  My legs were feeling good throughout the ride, but the fatigue set in on the last 4 or 5 miles.  A great week of riding!

Running was a little slack this week.  I was able to get 8 miles of running on 4 runs.  The best run of the week was on Saturday after my ride.  I did a 2 mile run and was able to increase the pace throughout.  I finished with 2 miles @ 7:57 mile/min.  All the other runs were uneventful.

Another good week of swim training was completed.  The masters swim coach was out of town this week, but we had a choice of 4 workouts to do.  I did a 2400m, 2000m, and finally a 1900m workout during the week.  The 1900m was the last of the week and the fastest.  The main set was 6 x 100 @ 4:00.  It was an all out effort.  I was happy to maintain around 1:27 for each one.  I can feel the water better as the weeks have come and gone.

Week 2 totals
Ride - 169 miles - Long ride of 55 miles to Diamond Bluff! 
Run - 10.96 miles
Swim - 3.98 miles

Week 3
Ride - 168.4 - Long ride of 46 Tour de Toad Loop Group
Run - 8 miles
Swim - 3.91 miles

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