Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 2 of Ride the Rockies/Ironman Wisconsin Training

Week 2 of Ride the Rockies/IM Wisconsin training is complete!  You will notice that yes, I did skip week one, but I just decided to start talking about the training.  The goal from now until June 7th when Ride the Rockies is to do as much bike training as possible.  I would like to be able to comfortably ride 200 plus miles a week as I work my training up.  I will have a peak week over 300 to get a good feel on what will be like for the 483 miles!

Swim - My swimming is coming along pretty good.  I'm starting to feel comfortable in the water again and my times are coming down.  I've worked my way up to 3 swims a week so far.  In April, I'm going to move this up to hopefully 4 a week depending on how I'm feeling.

Run - I've been keeping the run mileage down since the Little Rock Half.  Before the half I was running around 20 miles a week.  Since, I've dropped down to around 11.  I've broken the run up to 4 or 5 times a week, so I've been keeping consistent with running.  The plan is to slowly build the mileage on the run since the bike is the focus for right now.

Bike - I'm on the big focus for the bike.  The first two weeks have felt pretty good.  On the group ride last Saturday, it was a slower ride, but I could tell my legs were pretty tired by the end of the week.  This week, I did a hard ride on Thursday and could feel it on Friday.  I went for a recovery ride on Friday and Saturday I was feeling good again.  I was able to get a nice 47 mile ride in feeling pretty good the whole time.  I also went out on route I haven't been on before which was nice!  The plan is to get the rides in and start to work some hills in more and more.  On Tuesday, I also rode up to Greers Ferry Lake.  This was a pretty challenging ride.  Since it was 55 miles there, it was uphill for the total ride. 

Just to recap Week 1 totals - After next week, I'm put up previous week along with total amounts.
Ride - 165 miles
Run - 10.13 miles
Swim - 3.91 miles

Week 2 totals
Ride - 169 miles - Long ride of 55 miles to Diamond Bluff! 
Run - 10.96 miles
Swim - 3.98 miles

Totals -
Ride - 334 miles
Run - 21.09 miles
Swim - 7.89 miles

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