Monday, February 7, 2011

One Day in Syracuse

My work requires me to travel and sometimes I visit for a brief period of time. Syracuse was one of those cities. I arrived in at 12:30pm on Monday and left at 5:30 am on Tuesday. Monday afternoon, I went through my routine of surveying stores for a customer and then had time at the hotel. The one thing about Syracuse is there is snow everywhere. It's been awhile since I've been in a city with snow that is piled up everywhere. I could barely see over some of the snow when I was trying to turn out of businesses. I'm thinking I shouldn't go with a car next time I am in town. A cool thing that I saw where ice sickles that could kill. I was surprised that people would let them get so big off their homes. I think some of them would hurt you.

Usually when I go travel, I always try to eat somewhere that I can't find everywhere. Syracuse had a couple of options. I was thinking about the show Man vs Food and looked to see if they had filmed a show in Syracuse. They did and one of the restaurants that he went to was Heid's Hotdogs. I decided that this where I would go. It's not to often that you can just go to a straight hot dog place. Another choice was a bar-bq joint, but I wasn't feeling up for BBQ. The place had a classic dinner feel and I decided that I would get two hot dogs. I went went with a plain frank and chili dog. I would say that the hot dogs were pretty good but not great. It was still nice to get something different. Below I present my meal..

Other notes - My rental car was VW Jetta. A good car. I thought it would hesitate a little when I pressed the gas. Also, I stayed at the Hampton Inn in North Syracuse. A nice hotel, but not much around the hotel. The gym also had only one treadmill but I was able to get on it early.

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