Friday, February 18, 2011

Back in Conway & Prediction Run

Well I've had a busy two weeks. Last week, I went to Syracuse and Orlando and returned to Conway on Wednesday. In between, Syracuse and Orlando, I saw it snow 8" in Conway. In Orlando, I set up a convention show for a customer and worked 12 hrs Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday! I didn't get much running in, but I think standing on your feet and working should count for something right! I'm glad to be back in town for right now and get things back to normal.

Sporty Runner Prediction Run
This was a fun run put on by a local running shoe store here in Conway. This was a two mile where you predict your time. You run with no watches. I couldn't decided what to pick, so I went with a slower time. I figured going easy would be easier to pace than faster. The time I selected was 18:15. The run started and off we went. The crosses railroad tracks twice during the run. I joked before the start, how do we figure our time if a train comes! Of course, just as I was approaching the second crossing, I hear a train horn blowing! The question becomes speed up or slow down? What's my time? I decided to hurry up and cross the tracks. Once across I slow down because the finish is approaching. I head towards the finish and cross in 16:46! Oops, guess my prediction was wrong. The pace felt easy throughout, so I did as well as I could! The winner was off by 1 sec.

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