Monday, May 9, 2011

It's been a week

I've been quiet on here for the past week. I can't say there is much to report, but I'll let you know some things.

We have moved into a new location for taekwondo. The new building we are located is well over double the size of the old building that we trained at. Also, they have put down a nice mat. I taught my first class there on Wednesday night. I've been thinking of different drills and things that can now be done with all this extra room. I'll have pictures this week since they put down the mat just last Friday.

The training continues for Buffalo Springs on June 27th. I've been able to get some rides in over 50 miles and have some good mid length rides on Thursday. This past weekend I did the North Loop for the first time. It was a challenging route with plenty of climbs. The descents were bumpy due to the chip seal roads. It made recovery on the downhills not so much of recovery.

It's now just two weeks away until the Memphis in May triathlon in Tunica, MS. Hopefully, the flooding on the Mississippi doesn't cancel the race. As of May 1st, the race is still on. The race is located outside of the levee.

Also, last weekend I went to a crawfish boil at my parents house. It was nice eating crawfish again and meeting some new people in their area. Also, It made me excited for summer. The lake sure looks nice for a swim!

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