Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Week Ahead/Trying to get into Seattle to Portland

Last weekend was another good weekend. The weather was excellent and allowed for me to get a nice long long ride on Sunday. I rode to Atkins and back along Hwy 64. It was a tough ride out there with the wind out of the W to NW at 10 to 20. However, the ride back was fast and really enjoyable. Riding into the wind is a great challenge both physically and mentally. I would say it is more mental especially when you know how long of ride it is going to be. This ride concluded a tough week of training and this upcoming week will be light/easy week with the Memphis in May Triathlon on Sunday!

Another reason, the training will be lighter this week is I have to head down to Florida for work. I will fly into Orlando on Tuesday morning and then visit/help out on a site in Sarasota and Zephyrhills before heading back home Thursday. It will be a good time to rest up and relax even though it is work. I doubt I'll get the chance to experience Florida though it will be all work.

Of course, on Saturday, I will be heading to Tunica for the Memphis in May triathlon. The course is clear for the weekend of racing even though the casinos are closed. The race directors even sent an aerial photo of the race site showing that it wasn't flooded. I bet they were getting tons of emails and calls about the event and the previous statements didn't help, so nothing says that it's clear than a picture.

The only other big news that is going on is I'm trying to get into the Seattle to Portland bike ride. I just missed the general registration and am now trying to bid on a charity slot. The bid closes tomorrow afternoon and by then I will know if I'm going. If I don't go, I think I will still probably head out to the area. I've never been out to Seattle/Portland and I think now is a good time. I'm think of heading out around the weekend of July 1 and stay until July 10th.

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