Monday, October 20, 2014

What I have been up to the past month update!

Well it's been just over one month since Ironman Wisconsin.  I've taken the time to relax and just enjoy doing whatever I like in regards to training.  No set workouts, no watching power, or heart rate.  I just step outside and enjoy the day! 

Now I did have a goal set for just after IM Wisconsin. I wanted to ride the BDB 100 in under 5 hrs with stops.  The day started out well, but once I hit the 62 mile mark it was a tough struggle to the the finish.  Also, for the last 30 miles, I did not have a big group to work with.  It was about 4 of us who were all in the about the same boat ride wise, just ready to finish!  I ended up finishing with a total time around 5:09 which is faster than last years total time, so I was happy about that.  The course was a new setup this year and I really enjoyed it.  The course felt more open and had some challenges with the rolling hills along Lake Maumelle and the nice climbs into Thornburg and Wye. 

My big focus lately has been swimming.  As Ironman was approaching, I was swimming some of the best times every for myself.  I took a 1.5 off and then slowly got back into building again.  My goal has been to get down to 1:20/100yd.  My best 100 time since IM has been 1:24, so I'm slowly approaching that goal.  Recently I was able to hold 1:35 on 1:45 which is some of the best intervals I've completed before.  Last week was a struggle and took it easy in order to recouperate after all the work I've been doing recently.

With the IM focus done, I've been getting back into martial arts.  It's been great to get back in class and work.  However, my muscles have not taken kindly to this and are usually sore after a great workout!

I finally completed my USAT coaching certification.  After taking the class at the beginning of August, I focused on reading the manual and then completing the test.  I completed the test first and then a couple of weeks later finished the CPR certification.  I should now be certified as USAT Level 1 coach.  

As far as plans for the rest of the year and 2015, I'm still working on that.  I would hope to start coaching in 2015 slowly helping people out to work on the experience.  I'm looking at the Little Rock half marathon/marathon for March and maybe some mountain bike events. 

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