Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trail Running the OT Mile Markers 202 to 198 approx.

One of my goals for the new year is to increase my trail running for the first part of the year.  Trail running gives me new places to explore and new challenges.  The first part of my trail running goal is try to run as much of the Ouachita Trail as possible.  So far, I've run the trail from the Pinnacle visitor center west to just past 300 a little ways.  Last weekend, I decided to go ahead and try to run from Hwy 10 west working my way to Hwy 9.  The plan was for an 8 mile run, 4 miles out and 4 miles back.  This part of the trail follows the Maumelle River for most of the miles.  The first 3 miles followed the river and was flat and easy to follow.  As I approached mile 3-4, the trail was a little overgrown, but not too bad along the river, before heading more into the woods where it was easy follow again.  The views over the river were great and the change into the woods was nice also.  Miles 3-4 were also uphill.  This was a change from the overall flat of most of the route.  Overall, it was a great run. 

The mileage for the trail was from Mile 202 to Mile 198 approx. 

Trail Head at Hwy 10

Turnaround Mile 4.1 or so, at the top

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