Friday, October 4, 2013

Ironman Wisconsin 2014

On September 16th, I made the decision to sign up for Ironman Wisconsin in 2014!  I have been wanting to complete an Ironman for awhile now, but just would never take that leap to sign up.  I finally felt that I was ready to go and registered the day it opened.  Good thing because it was filled about 3 hrs after it had opened. 

Why Wisconsin, well I knew that this has been described as a great course that is spectator friendly and numerous and a challenge also.  I was not looking for a flat course and this is not one of those courses.  It has a lot rolling hills that will challenge you all day.  Another reason, is that it is reasonable to get to.  I have family that live in Chicago, so I could fly in there and drive up from there.  Also, they know people in Madison, so I have some places to stay and even chances to head up there before the race and pre-ride the course.

I'm looking forward to challenge of the training and race day in September 2014! 

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