Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adventures in Brewing

Tried to post this from my phone last night, but the text didn't come through. 
I started a new challenge today. I attempted to produce my own beer. I've always wanted to try and today I took that chance!

I came up with my own recipe after looking around online. It is amazing all the different ways to produce beer and the ingredients. There are online softwares that will help predict your beer in terms of alcohol content, bitterness, and color.

I started with 4lbs of Amber DME, 1lb of crystal/caramel 40l, 1 oz Columbus hops, and 1 oz Cascade hops. I added the 1oz of Columbus hops at the start of the boil and then add .33 oz of Cacade every 15 minutes until 0 minutes left out of 60. 

I now have about 3 weeks to see how my finished product turns out!

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