Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan. Update

The new year is in full swing now!  The training for the Little Rock half is going well.  I've been feeling great during my runs and have stayed injury free so far!  A couple of races are coming up the next couple of weeks that will allow me to see where my training is at.  The first one is Jan. 26th.  It is the Scout Trail Run out at Burns Park.  It is a 3.8 mile using the green trail.  While not a road race, I will be able to see how I feel after a long week of training.  The weekend after is the River Trail 15k.  This is one of my favorite races of the year. I will have a mini-taper to allow myself to hopefully have a great race.  The goal for the race will be to average 7:10-7:15 min/mile pace.  I will need to average this to reach my goal of 1:35 at the half.

There's the update so far.  Enjoy a little swim video to get your self ready for summer!

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