Friday, November 2, 2012

Jumping out a Plane

This was from my trip last year to New Zealand, but I just recently figured out how to to take it from the DVD it was recorded on, transfer it to my computer, and then make it into a smaller file to upload unto to Vimeo.  I knew how to complete the last step, it was the first step that always got me.

Anyways, as I was traveling around New Zealand there are a few places that you could go skydiving that are pretty awesome.  My first attempt was going to be at Lake Taupo, but it ended up being to cloudy that day. Plus, I was hoping for a clear day!  Another good location was Able Tasman, but I was looking for more of a mountain setting than beach.  As we traveled down the west coast, I could have attempted it at Franz Josef, but thought the weather wouldn't clear.  I missed a good opportunity there, but still had at least two more chances.  Continuing down the coast, Lake Wanaka was another place, but there plane was in the service shop, so no jumping there!  Finally, we arrive in Queenstown and I signed up knowing that I was going to have a couple of days there and an oppoturnity to could open.

Sure enought the next morning, we wake up and the sky is clear and the winds are light and it's time to jump.  I decided that I wanted to go ahead and jump from 15,000ft.  Might as well go to the top and get that one minute free fall. 

We wait about 30 minutes before we are suitted up and taught some instructions for the jump.  I would like to say that I wasn't nervous at this time, but I was getting there.  Now it's time to head to the plane.  We all load up and I'm the first on the plane and I'm going to be the last one off! 

The ride up was very nice with the very of the mountains and the lake, but now I'm starting to get nervous.  We reach 12,000ft and the people at that height start to jump out!  4 groups jump at 12,000ft and I am left with one other person who is jumping also at 15,000ft.

We start our climb to 15,000ft and finally reach the jump point.  I think at this point I'm strangely calm realizing that there is only one way down.  It's time to jump!  We shuffle towards the door and being attached to someone you kinda of have to move forward.  We hang off the edge and now it's time to jump!  Watch and enjoy!

Skydiving Queenstown from RJ Maguire on Vimeo.

We freefall for a minute and the chute deploys.  From there, it's a slow drop to the ground enjoying the views along the way.  The freefall was awesome.  I was surprised how clear my mind was even though we were rushing toward the ground at a high rate of speed.  I even added a small swimming move and remember to show my hands for the way down! 

NZone did a great job from start to finish.  I did ask how many jumpers they had and the most customers in one day.  The stated they had about 40 jumpers and one of their busiest days, they had 300 people.  It was cool to be able to see them pack the chutes and get ready.  It was almost like clock work there!

Maybe one day, I can head back.

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