Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Providing a Quick Update

Well it's been almost a month since the last post, so thought I'd provide a quick update!  Things have been going well with training throughout July, but work came up at the end of July and into the first of August which required lots of travel!  I left from Conway on July 23rd and went out for installations throughout Florida, SC, PA, DE, NJ, and DC.  I returned 5700 miles driven later on August 8th!  It was a long work trip, but it was good.  We completed the items that needed to be done.  While, I didn't get any time off during this, I did get a few runs in. However, there was no swimming, biking, marital arts, or sight seeing.  The only sight seeing was from the window of the truck! 

It's good to be back and the big happening this weekend is the Degray Triathlon weekend.  I decided to go ahead with the Degray double.  I will be competing in the Olympic distance tri on Saturday and then the Sprint distance on Sunday.  I've been wanting to do the double, but wasn't sure after all the travel.  After thinking about this week, I thought why not.  Plus, I would be doing something on Sunday anyways, so why not another triathlon.  So far, the weather is looking great for the weekend with temperatures mid to low 60s in the morning reaching into mid to upper 80's during the afternoon.  It will be cool weather for this race which is usually pretty hot and humid!

One last note,  I like to look at the stats and see where people visit from. It's cool to see what countries the traffic comes from.  The leader in visits is of course the US, but a surprise second is Russia.  So welcome!  I don't have a lot of traffic, but it is fun to look at.  Here are the current standings.

United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

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