Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floyd Landis, PEDs, and Baseball

Today we find out that Floyd Landis has sent emails (WSJ Journal article story) to cycling officials finally admitting doping. Of course, just a few years ago, he wrote a book about how he did not dope called "Positively False". Not only did he write that book, but spent millions in his defense also. In his emails, he not only admits doping himself, but also doping with and helping other individuals on his team. This reminds me of Jose Canseco when he came out with book about he helped dope other teammates and players when he was playing. Also, it seems that both baseball and cycling had/have issues with doping. I think I saw the comment that baseball journalists for years covered up the doping in baseball, and there are rumors that cycling journalists did the same thing. I guess it all comes down to the money, power, and the chance at making yourself a legend that you would do anything to get there from doping to covering up one story for a chance to get the "it" story at the time.

So I guess the next thing we will see is Henry Waxman calling up cyclist to come to Capital Hill and explain themsleves and their actions. We will of course need a cyclist to point a finger and say I didn't dope, but a few weeks later test positive. Check your local listings for this coverage!

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